Boing Boing is one of those sites I check for geek stuff. I realize most of their editorial staff are on the opposite side of the political aisle than me on most issues. Generally, I can ignore it. Then there’s this post.

Black Friday, Texas style: Mall shopper who pulled gun on line-cutter “within rights,” say cops

The headline is completely misleading about the event, and the entire article’s tone is designed to fit into the stereotypes our opponents have of us. It isn’t until reading the last sentence of the excerpt from the original news story that the reader learns the gun didn’t come into play until a physical attack was made.

Don’t read the comments unless you’re in good health or have taken substantial blood pressure meds. The few pro-gun commenters try, but they’re drowned out by the sheer volume of recycled billshit.

Post title h/t to Unc