First a video from my friend, Kenn Blanchard:

Is today’s Boston the reservoir of strength and determination that made it the hotbed of revolutionary fervor? Could you actually see Sam Adams and his bunch standing meekly by as the King’s magistrates forced themselves into everyone’s house looking for a single criminal?

There were some amazing acts of heroism and selflessness during the immediate aftermath of the bombs. Not just first-responders, but ordinary people, trying to help the injured. Those people earned the “Boston Strong.”

Then the police state rolled in with all the force of a military occupation.

Only those essential to the police occupation were allowed out of their homes (including Dunkin Donuts workers – way to avoid stereotypes there!) Where were the indignant blog posts and demands for civil rights from the citizens of Boston, the ones that are Boston Strong? Where are the calls for investigations into why the police were allowed to storm into houses without a warrant or probable cause, instead of just doing a basic welfare check?

Oh yeah, everyone is too busy celebrating their release from occupation and the capture of a criminal. But Boston Strong!