I Read Way Too Much SF

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that military commanders in Britain are recommending soldiers not wear their uniforms off-post, in light of the recent attack.

Where was I reading that soldiers would never wear their uniforms off-base because it invited attack? Oh yeah, here.

I’m not claiming that our world is going to become the UN that Williamson describes. It’s too complex, with too many different forces vying for social control.

Still, I am a pattern-seeking monkey, which makes jumping to those analogies very easy. Kind of like the Christians who see Armageddon around the corner because something may, kinda, sorta, look like it came out of Revelations.

I need to go back to straight fantasy for a bit.

H/t Sebastian

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  1. David Blackard

    May 26, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    Good news. That totally obnoxious order was recinded by their Ministry of Defence soon after it was published.

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