Two thugs attack a British soldier with knives and then behead him. In broad daylight. In London. Then demand to be recorded with the body.
Some thoughts:

1. Young men following the dictates of a fantasy by an illiterate sixth-century desert madman have again committed an atrocity. Please tell me again how believing on a magical sky-daddy has helped.

2. This is not a murder, according to Home Office Guidelines. At least not until the two have been convicted and exhausted all appeals. After all, we wouldn’t want to slander them with the title “murderers” until we’re absolutely sure.

3. The police didn’t arrive for twenty minutes. The bystanders were unable to do little more than talk, which one did. Not only are British subjects disarmed, but they have been conditioned not to get involved or they might be subject to criminal charges. “Not only do I not have a weapon, but I could be locked up for a couple years for putting myself in harm’s way. Nope. Best wait for the bobbies.”

4. No guns involved. Please tell me again how not having a gun would make me safer.

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts as this story unfolds.