So, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, was the subject of a HuffPo article about their Virginia shelter. You’d think the same group who applauds when fur-wearing celebs are splashed with red paint would run a “no-kill” type shelter. Nope, PETA manages to kill about 90% of the animals its shelter takes in.

Here’s where the fun begins. PETA has decided that some of the comments really hurt its feelings and is demanding the names of anonymous commenters so PETA can sue them for libel. Really? That’s the road they want to travel down? Do they want something like Anonymous noticing them and deciding to play their style of hacktivist games?

More importantly, does PETA understand that they aren’t in Britain?

Although, to be honest, if Anonymous does go after PETA, it might be fun to watch. In that whole dingo versus Rottweiler way. (How many times can I offend PETA in one post?)

For the record, I think PETA is a bunch of elitist hypocrites who does splashy things in order to get attention for its elitist ideology. Maybe that’s why they kill so many pets – they don’t want to compete for your attention. (Was that enough times?)