Cthulhu wouldn’t take your sins away. He’d just give you more.

We had one of The Talks with my nephew. Specifically, the one about the fact that his uncles don’t believe in God.

This happened because I was wearing my Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster shirt, and my nephew asked what it meant by “He Boiled For Your Sins.” His mother and I explained parody and I wore the shirt because I didn’t believe in God.

“Then how can you and mama be friends?” That turned into an explanation that people with different beliefs can still be friends. Moreover, it was good to experience different cultures and belief systems in order to find the one that matches what he thought was important. It was during this part when my nephew said the above quote.

More Talks on this subject will have to occur, but at least he is aware that not everyone believes in the same God, or even God at all.

Still, it’s kind of how even in a serious conversation with this eight-year-old, Cthulhu comes up. Granted, part of that is because of FSM. Still….