From Bearing Arms comes the story of a range owner who has enacted a blanket ban on Muslims in her shop.

Her reasons?

Among the points cited are prior attacks in the United States that the federal government refuses to classify as terrorism, including the Fort Hood attack, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the last week’s Oklahoma City beheading. Morgan has also received death threats in the past for her writing about Islam.

Another incident that weighed heavily in Morgan’s decision was an incident at her firing range several weeks ago, which she relayed to Bearing Arms this morning.

Morgan claims that two Muslim men who spoke only broken English came to her range and requested to rent semi-automatic firearms and ammunition. One of them could not produce any identification showing that he was in the country legally, and the other had a California driver’s license. Neither had any apparent firearms training. She allowed them to rent one firearm, and stood behind them the entire time they were on the range, her hand on or near her holstered Glock 19. All other patrons voluntarily vacated the firing line while they were shooting.

Let’s look at the problems:

  1. How is she going to know who are Muslims? Muslims aren’t all olive-skinned with dark hair. Some are black, some could pass for Captain America. Hell, the largest Muslim nation is freaking Indonesia.

  2. Who’s next? Blacks because of the rioting in Ferguson? Hispanics because of the border crisis? Atheists? Asians? Where does it stop?

As a business owner, you can deny service to anyone, but doing this does two things. First, it will put you out of business as the younger and newer shooters avoid your store like the plague it is. Secondly – and most importantly- you’re hurting the gun rights movement. We are trying to bring more people in, not alienate them.