Stolen completely from Borepatch:

Goober on “Social Justice Warriors”:

“You take a guy that lived his entire life in the Amazonian jungle, fighting for every meal he’s ever eaten, making his own living/clothing/abode/etc at huge expense of labor, and living every day with the fear of that next cut becoming septic and killing him, or that next sniffle being the cold that brings him down, or the next monsoon not being monsooney enough and his family starving to death, and you give him a pair of Levi jeans, some tennis shoes, a first world education, and modern medicine, and HE WILL CUT YOUR FUCKING THROAT before he will let you stick him back in that jungle.

But SJWs want to keep him there, unmolested by western “cultural pollution” like modern medicine and central air conditioning, in order to “preserve his culture”, without giving him an educated say in the decision at all. More of that SJW superiority.

This idea of “allowing the brown people too stay in their place” smacks an awful, awful lot like “keeping the brown people in their place.”


If anthropology has taught us anything, it’s that culture is not supposed to stay stagnant as a museum piece. It is expected to evolve as new technologies and conditions emerge. You don’t protect people by limiting their choices.