In additions to allegations of acting like asses to their vendors, it’s being reported that the Ohio-based promotion company is refusing to rent space to Florida Carry.

Florida Carry? The organization that’s gotten us preemption with teeth, better concealed carry laws, and will probably get us campus carry. That Florida Carry.

And a gun show won’t let them set up? Seriously, WTF?

This company runs the big gun shows around me. I haven’t gone in a couple of years for two reasons: 1) they’re crowded as all hell, and 2) I can rarely get out of there without spending at least fifty bucks. I’ve purchased four guns from vendors there, and assisted the purchase of at least three more. And I’m a small consumer!

Suncoast Gun Shows, consider this my declaration: I will not attend – and will actively campaign against your shows – unless you either a) prove that Florida Carry was acting in an unreasonable manner (doubtful) or b) allow Florida Carry to rent space in your shows.

By myself, it’s probably not much, but gunnies have this nasty habit with word of mouth.