According to Fox News, the murder of three Muslims may have been over a parking space instead of theology.

The murder of three North Carolina college students was motivated by an ongoing dispute over a parking space, despite widespread speculation the victims were targeted by an avowed atheist because of their Muslim faith, police said.

First off, this guy was batshit insane. Using him to paint all atheists and/or progressives as violent murderers is just as wrong as when they accuse Second Amendment supporters of being at fault when there’s a mass shooting.

Here’s the takeaway – the anti-gunners do view everyone, including themselves, as being similar to this asshole. We’re all just a dispute away from pulling a gun and murdering someone(s). They have no concept that those of us who own and carry guns actually try to avoid or de-escalate fights because we understand that we are carrying lethal instruments.

When they call for new restrictions on our rights, remember – this is how they see us.