I’ve been seeing outrage at people “attacking” the children protesting for gun control. How terrible we are for “attacking” children?

Am I supposed to coddle them like children if they’re demanding to be heard on the adult stage? Or should they suffer the slings and arrows that they have been recklessly flinging at me and mine? They can’t have it both ways.

If they want to be bomb-throwers, then they cannot play the innocent when bombs are thrown back. They cannot call lawful gun owners murderers and subhumans, and then act offended when people call them Nazis.

Put simply, they cannot demand be given the same treatment as adults in the public square, and then demand to be treated like children when they are.

They are either foot soldiers or pawns or both in the most recent flare up of the gun control war that’s been going on in this country for over a hundred years.

Welcome to the fight.