There’s a pic of one sign at the recent march. Since WordPress is being stupid, I’m going to link to Miguel’s post.

This is an attitude that needs to go away. There is not something more honorable or pure about punching someone trying to kill you. There’s nothing honorable about putting yourself into melee range and suffer injuries against someone who wants to take your life.

What’s worse is that this line of thinking splashes over on to women. Look at the self-defense ideas portrayed in the media. As much as you might see it on the screen, a 120 lb. woman is not going to come out on the winning side against a 200 lb. man. Especially a man who is willing to attack a woman.

That’s the point of carrying a gun. It’s a force equalizer. It allows the weaker to fight off the stronger.

I hope that young lady never has to find out by example of the fallacy of her sign. I hope she never has to face someone who wants to hurt and kill her. I do hope she learns that the people purporting to help her are leaving her not only defenseless, but unaware of that fact.