Last week, a young mother and her child were killed because some young punks decided to go racing down Bayshore Boulevard. For those of you outside of Tampa, Bayshore is a street known for having significant pedestrian traffic. According to one of the local news stations, the punks were going in excess of 60 mph when they murdered the mother and child.

What was the city’s response? Was it to add additional patrols to stop racers before they caused problems? Nope. Was it to dedicate funding to modify Bayshore to make it safer for both pedestrians and drivers? No. Was it to reduce the speed limit from 40 mph to 35?

The City of Tampa said that the change was already planned for October, but this tragedy made them implement it now. So, because of the actions of three people already breaking the law – and supposedly aimed at a group already known for flouting the law – the City of Tampa is going to put restrictions on the rest of the drivers.

Where have I heard this before?