Springfield Army tells Dick’s to fuck off. And so does the NSSF. It looks like the final straw was Dick’s hiring anti-gun lobbyists. I’m surprised more of the firearms companies haven’t done this, particularly after how Dick’s fucked over Troy after Sandy Hook. Maybe some will follow SA’s lead.

Hillsborough County extends waiting period to five days to do something. Can a waiting period save lives? Maybe for suicides, which to be fair, is the biggest segment of “gun deaths”. For criminals and mass murderers (but I repeat myself), this won’t stop a damn thing. What I find annoying is that a Republican dominated council in a Republican heavy county let this pass without a fight.

NRA insurance banned in New York. The anti-gunners demand we carry liability insurance and then attack any firm that would offer it. That’s a feature, not a bug.

Democratic Congress critter wants to spend $15 billion in paying off gun owners to turn in their Evil Black Rifles And then go after those who didn’t take the bribe. I half-wonder if these politicians make these proposals knowing that they have now choice in passing. Just to virtue signal without having to worry about messy details like coming up with the funding or sending police after gun owners.

NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas:

Trump tried to make gun owners forget his administration is not only not fulfilling the promises made on the campaign trail (cough, national reciprocity, cough), but actively working against us.

A restaurant takes the opportunity to covertly virtue signal.

Gun control crowds smaller than usual. No sign of the Parkland kids or any of the usual heavy hitters.