It’s weird when the house I’ve lived in for the last fifteen years feels less and less like home. Part of it is the cats aren’t there. Part of it is The Fiancée isn’t there. And part of it is so much of my stuff isn’t there. Hell, I’ve only got a few more things to move and the rest of my stuff is going to either family (which includes friends) or charity.

It’s weird going from living alone to now living with two women. It’s an adjustment to my thinking and expectations. Combine the fact that both The Fiancée and I are in “purge” mode in order to fit two houses into one. Well, two-and-a-quarter houses because her adult niece (who is now living with us) brought her stuff.

I just want to get everything done and figure out my routines. Unfortunately, things have to go in stages. This can’t go until this is already moved or that person has space freed up to take