Nikki Fried, our relatively new Commissioner Of Agriculture declared she has both a concealed carry license and a medical marijuana card. Because she is a high profile individual, she can afford to flaunt federal law in a way others can’t. I’m a bit torn on this.

First, I don’t think what she is doing is wrong because I think the federal law is stupid. Both the overall prohibition on marijuana as well as not having changed the 4473s for states where marijuana is legal. It’s pretty clear which way the legalization winds are blowing, and it’s about damned time the federal government brought itself in line with the states.

On the other hand, we have stories coming out that since Fried has come into office, people looking to renew or obtain their CCWs have been running into all sorts of roadblocks. So, I’m kinda having trouble with the person most likely causing trouble for our state’s residents is flouting the same law being twisted to screw people out of licenses they should be issued.

Finally, I’m having a little issue with Fried having a CCW at all, considering she buddied up to the Demanding Mommies during the election. The same group that would love to rid our state of not only CCWs, but the very means of our protection.

Overall, the whole thing stinks of laws are for little people.