So, we had an incident where an unstable man got on Instagram claiming the “redcoats are coming for me!”

Yeah, he was a drunk fuck-up with a domestic violence past. He’d not the one I’m bitching about.

It was the legion of keyboard commandos of the Threeper brigades screaming about the “Boogaloo kicking off!” Too many of whom acted as if it were almost desirable to kit up and have a shoot out with the local constabulary.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Exactly what are you hoping to achieve? Did you even fucking think about if this was the fucking hill to die on?

And where was all of this rhetoric and sudden need to participate during the legislative sessions? Or to sign the petitions to reform the NRA?

The best things I’ve heard in regards to this incident are 1) it’s probably not a good idea to trust a drunk person on Instagram, and 2) if you’re really worried about an abuse of power, then grab your camera and be a good witness.