The Wife and I, like pretty much everyone, are under “safer at home” orders, as well as a curfew. I didn’t think I would suffer from cabin fever, but there have been a few times when I’ve been inordinately happy to run errands.

I am so glad that we managed to sell my Tampa house right before this insanity started. Now, I don’t have to worry about how the housing market will go in the future, I don’t have funds being diverted up there for upkeep, and we’ve managed to use funds from the sale for things we’ve needed during our extended home stay.

The Wife and I are both working from home. My job provides we with a computer, while The Wife remotes in using my home workstation. This has been going along better than either of us anticipated, except for the few times where we’ve had calls at the same time. She has also been surprised at the daytime antics of the cats – including their proclivity for making themselves known on conference calls. This arrangement has also led to some interesting purchases. Such as a new keyboard for The Wife to use on my workstation because she hates my ergonomic one. Fortunately, she already had a mouse, because she also *despises” my trackball. We also picked up a desk elliptical. I’m starting to hate that, but at least I’m doing some cardio daily.

We also got me some new monitors since I was working on a couple of small ones. Good for the couple of days a week I was teleworking previously. Annoying working from home all the time. The small ones were given to a neighbor who needed them for their kids. Getting the necessary cables was a chore, but thankfully we have some sources that scored them for us.

Our Toastmasters club has had its first virtual meeting. It feels very different than our normal meeting. I noticed people act more like we’re having a party rather than a formal meeting. More talking during some of the segments. Not interrupting prepared speeches, but more back and forth in other areas. Plus giving a prepared speech over video is difficult. I can’t get the same read on the audience. It did let me practice what I think will become my “pocket speech”.

There’s some other gun news, but that will wait for later…