David Blackard, who blogs over at Blue Collar Prepping, is one of my alpha readers. He recently did me a great service by finding an old draft of the fantasy novel I’ve been working on and sending it back to me. It contained a bunch of writing that Scrivener swallowed in its updating between versions.

I like Scrivener, but there have been a few occasions when it syncs between my phone, my tablet, and my computer that it loses some writing. Mostly just a little bit, but sometimes a whole lot. I keep toying with the idea of switching to Word, particularly since I now have Office 365 and can write on my devices. I have this feeling if I were a more professional, or full-time, writer, I would like all the additional features of Scrivener even more. I may do a hybrid where I do a lot of the drafting in Word, and then figure out some of the editing in Scrivener. Not sure at the moment.

Anyways, David sending me my draft kickstarted my desire to write again. So, The Wife and I have agreed to at least one night a week devoted to our crafts. We purchased a Cricut for her back before everything went nuts, and she’s been using the hell out of it. With the holidays just around the corner, her projects list exploded. While my writing list hasn’t undergone the same expansion, it also hasn’t budged very much.