Moving Time!

There wasn’t a Wednesday or Thursday post last week because the Ward household was busy moving into the new homestead. It was, to say the least, chaotic. We’ve managed to move the important stuff, give away or throw out the not important stuff, and buy important stuff we forgot. I imagine doing this under normal times would be stressful enough. During the plague times, it’s insane.

Let’s take the floors as an example. The house came with carpet on the second floor and a couple of other areas. The Wife hates carpet. We budgeted for the carpet to be pulled out and the same flooring be used throughout the house. Yeah, that didn’t go as planned. The installer noticed some defects, and we discovered that the entire batch of flooring was bad. Talk to the flooring company. Yeah, the manufacturer says it will be at least June before another batch is available (plague, y’know), but the flooring company has something similar. Installer comes out. Again, it’s not going together correctly. He takes it to the flooring company. Another bad batch. No idea when that will be available. Hey, we have this other stuff. Okay, it’s not bad. It goes together. Except for the stairs. Needs a different bullnose. Go gets the bullnose. Bad batch, won’t go together properly. Finally something similar, available, and works.

The insanity is also reflected in the furniture and large appliances. We’re still missing the fridge we paid for. We have a loaner fridge at the moment. Actually, the builder just gave us the “basic apartment fridge” and said we get to keep it when our actual fridge shows up. When that happens, we are selling the BAF to the Brother-In-Law for the low price of “get-it-the-fuck-out-my-house.” We also have an unknown date for a couple of other pieces of furniture. I’m having trouble with my new standing desk and waiting on the company to send me a new part. With that, I should be able to raise it up to standing height. Right now, it’s at kindergarten height. The Wife’s new desk was put together. It looks good, but I’m still paying for it. Apparently I’m not the young man I think I am.

Even having a couple of new outlets put in didn’t go as planned, but at least it went smoothly, on time, and only a little over budget.

The clowder made the move without too much drama. Our normal shy one hasn’t gone outside the master suite. The Wife has also had the devil of a time getting the cats to understand that feeding only occurs downstairs. Those of you who are friends with her on FB got a demonstration of that last week. We are still dealing with the cats getting used to their new home.

Welcome to the Ward Manor!


  1. Holy cow – hope things are settling down.

  2. I think we’re over the initial craziness. Now it’s just “where do we put all of these things?”

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