This one’s another in my using the blog as a chronicle of my life.

After months of lies and delays, The Wife and I got fed up and told the furniture store to go fuck themselves, cancel our order, and give us back our money. Good news, we had our cash back. Bad news, we still needed a couch for the upstairs family room. Off to furniture store’s competitors. We wanted a leather sofa or loveseat that didn’t recline or have electronics. And something we could expect to be delivered in less than six months. Sweet FSM, you’d think we were looking for an antique from the colonial period.

One of the competitors said they might have something. Salesperson shows us a floor model of a discontinued line. It’s orange. Very orange. Burnt orange. Not something we’d thought would ever go into our house. We sit down. Damn. Comfy. Very comfy. He takes us around to a couple more that are more traditional in color, but won’t be available for weeks to months. None as comfy as the orange couch. He sees we’re leaning to the orange, but are are still a little leery. Takes us to the sleeper sofas.

It’s gray, so definitely more traditional. But it’s a sleeper. But it has a nifty way of rolling out into the bed that tickles that same part of my mind as my transformer toys. But not as comfy as the orange couch. But we wanted a sleeper sofa. But in the guest room downstairs, not the upstairs family room. But it’s not a bad price. Yeah, not a bad price. In fact, we had some money set aside for the guest room. Calculator. Uh, yeah, we’re taking both.

Actually, the orange couch looks pretty good up there.