Don’t get me wrong. I love our new house. I love that it’s a new house. Particularly with a tropical bearing down. However, because their cranking these houses out as fast as they can, sometimes we run into little issues.

Shortly after we moved in, the dryer’s performance degraded. Rapidly. Frustratingly. I blamed it on the fact that we got, as my nephew in the business calls them, “renters specials”. These were base model washer and dryers that came with the house. Okay, they were part of an upgrade package – which we mainly got because they put blinds on all the windows. I used the dryer’s poor performance to lobby for a sooner-than-planned upgrade for the washer and dryer.

New washer and dryer came in last week. LG’s recommended by one of the consumer sites I frequent. All the options I could want. (I am the family laundry person, so I want all of the fabric, temp, and spin options). Dryer still isn’t working right. However, because this is a nice, new, higher-end dryer, it tells me that the issue is it’s having issues with the dryer vent. Check the hose? Some there, but not a significant blockage.

We call the dryer vent cleaners we used at the old place. They tell us since we’re in a new-build house, the construction folks probably forgot to take the screen off the vent. We could call the builder office and put in a warranty issue. Last time we did that, it took better than a month. I’ll pay the damn service charge and get it fixed faster. In the meantime, we put a pantyhose on the dryer hose and at least get the week’s laundry finished. Okay, the laundry room was a little bit of a sauna, but at least it worked.

Vent tech came. Yep, they didn’t take off the vent screen. You could see the striations of lint from all of the loads of laundry. It was like the walls of a canyon. Except, you know, made of lint. Now to go fight with the warranty folks to see if they’ll refund us the service charge.

I feel like we’re in the shakedown cruise for this house sometimes.