This is more journaling more common events than anything else:

Last Friday, we baby-sat our 11-month-old great-niece. We love the little tyke, but she is exhausting. Particularly now that she is crawling – and want to explore everything. We also had her a little longer than normal due to scheduling conflicts with her parents. By the time we were done, The Wife and I decided to go the easy route and get fast food for dinner. Because of where the new manor is located, it’s usually faster to just race down the interstate. However, this was also at rush hour. Which makes things more interesting. So, while we’re in the drive-through lane, I’m going back and forth on whether it would be faster to go back on the interstate or go down the main street through our town.

The Wife, being much more brilliant than me, reaches over, turns on the GPS, and flips between the two routes and looks at the ETAs. Ah, technology.

The Wife picked up one of my various Transformers and asked me to convert it with the statement “How do you make it grow up?”

Then she was very pleased to find out there was a pink Transformer.

Before the move, Litter Genie refills suddenly became scarce on the ground. In fact, the only way we found some was in a big pack of a Litter Genie XL and 12 refills (or reloads, as I think of them). I thought the XL, being much taller than the regular, would be helpful with going up and down stairs and with all of the litter boxes. Yeah, not so much. I ended up wasting a large portion of the bag because you really couldn’t fill it to where the cutter was at the top. Anyways, the hinge broke while I was carrying it down the stairs, so I ordered a regular one.

Let’s just say my flip-flops and the stairs weren’t getting along. So, I switched over to some sandals. They do get along better with the stairs. However, since the mat I use for my standing desk and the desk elliptical both work better without the sandals, I take them off. Which has resulted in me going barefoot more around the house, since it’s more work to do the sandal straps than just pop off for a bio break or run down for a drink refill. Which may or may not have anything to do with some new pains showing up.

The Wife has also threatened harm if she catches me wearing socks and sandals outside the house.