1. We have a bird feeder in the backyard because we enjoy looking at the various black birds, doves, and even ducks that come by. A couple of months ago, we had a pair of brilliant green birds at the feeder. We thought they were someone’s escaped pets. Then we saw them again last week. Then, we saw their half-dozen friends. Then, we saw the rest of their two-dozen strong flock. Some quick googling and we found out they were nanday parakeets. They also completely emptied our bird feeder and the neighbor’s like feathery locusts.
  2. The Manor came with a doorbell camera tied into the security system. It never really worked right and stopped working all together. So, The Wife and I decided to just replace it and add a couple more cameras that work inside the Echo ecosystem. It won’t be perfect coverage, but it will be perfect enough for the main areas.
  3. The Sister-in-law asked if I would do ribs for her birthday dinner. So, I smoked my first rack of ribs over the weekend. Pork ribs with my coffee rub over cherry wood. Came out pretty well.