1. We now have a working fridge and freezer in the garage! It just required the installation of two new outlets – and significantly reorganizing racks and other items in the garage. It also led to a discussion with the electrician on guns once he saw my big safe.
  2. I have an idea, but not sure how to execute it. We have a lot of cats. Which means we have a lot of litter boxes. Including upstairs. I have a container that holds about a bag of litter. However, not every box needs a bag of litter to fill up when I do the monthly change. What I’d like is some kind of dispenser that can hold the month’s litter and let me fill up the container as I need. May have to visit some feed stores. Tractor Supply didn’t really have what I wanted.
  3. You know MIL is fully moved in when all of her appointments get added to the calendar.
  4. Proving once again how different The Wife and I think about purchases. If she shows me something online (cat trees in this instance), and I say “That’ll work,” I mean that she should go ahead and purchase it. Apparently, to her, this means I have agreed with Option 1, and she needs to go find Options 2 through Infinity.