Last Friday, I got my COVID booster shot. I know many of my friends are suspicious of the vaccines, but I think they’re the best defense against a nasty disease. I’m going to use some gun analogies to explain my viewpoint based on the best information that I’ve learned. They aren’t perfect, but they may help.

  1. Vaccine vs Natural Immunity – Think about this like hand-loads vs factory ammunition. Your friend gives you a random hand=load. It’ll probably do the job. However, there’s no idea if it’s going to be super-powered or under-powered just by looking at it. Conversely, while there are occasionally screwed up factory loads, you can generally count on them. Natural immunity will protect you, but you don’t know for how long.

  2. Why Get Vaccine If You Can Still Get COVID? – I routinely carry a gun. Why would I do that if I could still get killed by a bad guy? Because it lessens the chance that a bad guy will want to FAFO, and if he does, it will lessen the chance of a bad outcome.

  3. I’m Healthy With A Strong Immune System – Why would a world-class martial artist still need to carry a gun? Because you don’t want to have to get into melee range. Because you don’t want to have to go up against an armed opponent without a weapon.

  4. They Have [Insert Current Fad Drug Here] – I carry a tourniquet and blood clotting bandage in case of really nasty injuries. I carry my gun to prevent the need to have to use those things. Saying “I’ll just take [current fad drug]” is kinda like saying “I’ll just apply my tourniquet after being shot.”

You know what the worst part of all this? The fucking vaccine became fucking political too fucking fast. If Trump won the presidency, it would be the right screaming to vaccinate everyone, and it would be the left screaming against mandates. How do I know? Because the chattering class fucking admitted to it before the election.