So, yeah, I thought 2020 was a year of change for the Ward Family. This year made that look like a little piker.

Of course, the big change was moving into the new house back in April. We’ve had a lot of shakedown issues. The flooring was certainly the biggest issue, as we weren’t sure if we were going to have the new floors down before the furniture arrived. Then getting my standing desk working. Then waiting on the fridge we paid for. Then waiting on the couch for months before cancelling that going with something else. Then issues with the dryer vent. Then internet and mesh issues. However, since The Wife and I over-saved for the move and associated costs, we ended up with enough cash for a couple of “luxury” goods. Mine was my new CZ Bren 2MS rifle.

The good thing about moving into Ward Manor is that the new space came in very handy when The Wife changed jobs. Last year, The Wife lost her job of twenty years. Fortunately, she found a new job in less than a month, but it required a commute to Mulberry (about 45 mins away). It was also a pretty steep pay cut. Well, her boss at the first job (her favorite boss) found a new job, found himself in need of someone with her unique skillset, and offered her a position. A fully telework position. With a salary about what she was making at the old job. It’s been interesting and somewhat challenging for The Wife to join and learn about her new company completely virtually, but she enjoys her new job. Plus, with our home offices right next to each other, we can consult each other on Excel issues or just bounce ideas off of each other.

The new space also came in handy when The Mother-In-Law needed to move in. The Father-In-Law’s dementia progressed to the point where MIL couldn’t take care of him. We found a really good facility nearby, but it ain’t cheap. It was a very difficult decision for the MIL, but she took up residence at Ward Manor. The transition has been relatively smooth, and I’m happy to see so much stress lifted off the MIL’s shoulders. We also ended up with her old fridge in our garage. So, I now have a drink fridge and stand-up freezer out there. It’s come in handy for stocking up.

Prior to the move, we lost one of our cats. Bean was our oldest cat, and he’d been diagnosed with cancer. The vet told us he most likely wouldn’t make it to see the new house. Still, we hoped. Then, we had to make that dreadful decision. Bean didn’t make it to see the new house, but he resides there.

While there have been some changes at the day job, my primary tasks really haven’t changed much. So, it’s mostly the same daily grind. So, at least one area with not much changes.

I’m hoping 2022 settles down a bit.