I’ve been putting what my goals are for the upcoming year for the last couple of years. I was tempted to forgo it this year. Mostly because I need to focus on one overriding goal this year. My weight. I’ve kinda ballooned over the last 20 months. Yes, there were extenuating circumstances. To a degree. However, at the end of the day, I’m responsible for me.

So, this year, my single goal is to get back down to 200. This is going to be a long, hard slog, but I need to. My dad had a heart attack in his mid-thirties. Due to the hospital food and therapy, he slimmed down significantly. Much as I did when I started my own journey. Over the next two decades, his weight steadily increased. I’m not going to cast aspersions. Weight loss is hard when it’s your single focus. And my father had a lot things taking up his attention. Moreover, while I don’t think his weight significantly contributed to his cancer, it had to make things more difficult in treatment.

There are many ways I want to be like my dad. This is not one of them.

This year, I’m working to 200. Not sure if I will post my progress. Still debating.