Last week, Omicron decided to lay siege to my immune system. It’s been the worst sick I’ve been in quite a while. Not quite as bad as when baby niece gave the family norovirus, but damn close. It’s certainly held on longer. It’s also funny how COVID is kind of like a tornado. It hit me and the MIL, but The Wife was spared. Or at least, she wasn’t sick. She had to deal with me being sick. I try to be a good patient, but I’m sure there were times she looked at me and wondered why she said “I Do.”

It’s also done wonders for my diet plan. In not a good way. Part of that’s due to not being able to go to the gym. Both from a quarantine perspective and from a physically able perspective. The larger part is Derek’s desire for comfort food when sick. Most of which is contraindicative to staying within calorie budgets. I’m not quite back to where I started, but I have undone a few weeks’ worth of work. Hopefully, I’ll be back to the gym in the next week or so. Depending on when my wind returns. And I’m back to staying within my calorie budgets.

I hate being sick.