Friday – Took a half-day from work to help The Wife transport over an old office chair, spare folding table, and MIL’s old monitor over to The Wife’s niece’s place. Niece really liked the dual monitor system set up we have on all of our workstations, and wanted something like that at her place. Well, we had some items we needed to get rid of… Plus we got to see the great niece.

Saturday – While The Wife and her SIL were out looking at paint, I prepped for my shooting trip on Tuesday. I got a bunch of different ammo and round-robin loaded up almost all of my spare M&P magazines. I also discovered that I’m a little short on my preferred self-defense ammo. That needs remedying. I also got the windshield replaced on the Xterra.

Sunday – Sunday we went to see The Little Shop of Horrors up at the Straz Performing Arts Center in Tampa. We had a lot of fun, even though the play didn’t start exactly on time. I don’t go to enough theater to know if that’s the norm. The play had a much darker end than the ’80’s movie, but still satisfying.

Monday – Since we have new local docs, The Wife and I had to go to a new-to-Derek place to get labs. I know this is normal for most folks, but I’ve been very used to having the lab in the same building as my PCC. (This is noting it more for my own edification than the readers’.) The Wife had the day off, and she and MIL were busy setting up their raised bed for their crop of succulents. Plus replanting an aloe vera. Plus replanting a couple of flowers that my mom gave us. Then we topped it all off by sending out the last payment for her car. We now have two fully paid-off cars.

Tuesday – Tested out the new gun. Which, because Derek didn’t check beforehand, required me to unload all of those loaded magazines, put the Tula ammo back in the box, and reload with some range ammo. I don’t understand the rules against steel-cased ammo. Not saying there isn’t a good reason, I’m just ignorant. The M&P9 2.0 shot everything I fed it. Including some IWI ammo that my other 9mms didn’t like. The only real issue I hit was that the slide stop was really stiff when the slide locked back. So stiff I ended up having to slingshot the slide to get it back in battery. Also, due the steel reinforcing the frame, the takedown lever heated up noticeably after quick firing a few magazines. Still, it performed well enough to get switched out as my new sidearm.