This week marks one year since The Wife and I moved into Ward Manor. It’s weird because it feels like we’ve been here only a few months. And it feels like we’ve been here for years.

There are times I wished I believed in fate, because we bought this house at what I think was really the right time. With the market this hot, we got in at a price point where we could afford all of the options we wanted. Plus, there were fewer supply chain issues compared to the houses being built around our subdivision. I’m seeing posts from the neighborhood group of house constructions taking twice what it did for our house. We were also lucky to get some extra funds that allowed us to set the house up before we moved in. (Those of you who know, know what I’m talking about).

Plus, Ward Manor had enough space for us as we both moved to full-time telework. And moved in MIL. The old place would have needed serious reorganization and purging for us to handle all that.

Although the house started off a little rough, it’s been a good year. There’s a list of small projects that we’re planning, but those require saving the cash for them. The Wife and I agree on the first two, but we differ on the third. I’m still going to hold out for the whole house backup generator.

Welcome to Ward Manor, Year Two!