This past weekend, The Wife and I got the bug to do some major rearranging. Major rearranging. Mostly between the upstairs living room, her office, and my office. These kinds of endeavors can be trying because we have very different opinions – more to the point, how to decide on things. She is much more deliberative than me. It’s very frustrating. We’ve gotten things to the “this is our experimental phase”.

After adventures in shuffling on Saturday, we went over to BIL’s and SIL’s house for family dinner. When we got there, BIL was watch How It’s Made: Dream Car Edition. He and I watched a few episodes. The one that kinda fascinated me was the Bugatti Veyron. Particularly how they put together the front end and the back end. Watch the first part of this video. Watch the floor. They have a rail with these metal slats that move like a wave. It’s nifty.