Overall, the long weekend was uneventful at Ward Manor.

On Saturday, while The Wife, MIL, and SIL went out to explore Hobby Lobby and other commercial enterprises, I decided to lounge around and watch anime. This is kind of a golden age for anime fans. There are multiple streaming services dedicated to anime, and even most of the big ones have sections devoted to anime. It’s so much better than when I first got into it in the early to mid nineties where you might hear about a series at the comic shop and then go track it down at the video rental place or special order it.

Sunday we had planned to be productive. That failed. Although The Wife and MIL were semi-productive. The Wife has taken up crocheting and is in the process of making little stuffed animals. It’s been fun watching her take up a new crafting skill.

Monday was an early day for The Wife and me. The Ward Wagon managed to pick up a slow leak in one of the tires. We tried to get an appointment with the nearest branch of the dealership from where we purchased the Ward Wagon. Yeah, they didn’t return our call. The dealership we bought the Ward Wagon? They gave us an early morning slot. Great. It just means The Wife can’t sleep in on a holiday because the dealership is about sixty miles north of us. Turns out it was a nail, and road hazard took care of the replacement costs. Then we went down and had lunch with my mom and The Brother. Mom is trekking back to the Great White North this week, and this was our last time to visit with her. We had lunch at a nearby Peruvian place. If you’re in northern Hillsborough county, and you’re interested in Peruvian cuisine, I heartily recommend Costanera.

This was also the week that The Wife discovered why Freya sometimes comes in with a wet head. We thought she was just playing in the raised flower bed out on the back porch. That one has some tall plants. Nope. As The Wife put it, “Apparently we’re not done with the ‘playing in the toilet’ phase.” Yeah. Oh well, it means we’re going to have to be better at keeping the lids closed. Fun with kittens.