Last weekend was the memorial service for my paternal grandmother. It was a short service at the family plot. It was there that I realize that my grandma was a couple months of surviving her husband by 20 years. My uncle read the obit and followed by a short eulogy. It was a good service, and I was happy I went.

It was also good to see some family that I hadn’t laid eyes for years. Some of the Oklahoma folks made their way down, including one I hadn’t met yet. She just married into the clan last year. It may have been a good thing she only got a short blast of dealing with The Brother and me. The Wife integrates seamlessly with them. Sometimes it’s like she’s more part of that segment of the family than me. It’s a joke, but not much of one.

We had hoped to see them this week, as they had traveled over to spend some time at the Mouse House. Except the Ward Wagon developed a slow leak in the tire. I wasn’t going to trust that thing on the warzone that we call I-4.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see them next year. The eclipse is going go through part of Oklahoma – and I’d really like to experience that again.