Let’s start off with a story of local significance.

Last week, the local baseball franchise managed to wrangle themselves a new stadium out of St. Petersburg. Reason has an article explaining why that’s a bad idea.

Moving on to some presidential actions.

Reason has an article on the administration streamlining the rules to allow migrants from some countries to work. I imagine catching heat from New York and Chicago is lighting a fire on the issue.

Something to placate the environmentalists, Biden announced establishing a Climate Change Corps. I guess he’s trying to soothe that faction with the “romanticism” of the New Deal.

And to placate the gun prohibitionists, Biden announced a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention. It sounds like a good way to give government largesse to lobbyists and activists.

But Biden needs some wins on the gun issue – particularly as courts continue to strike down laws under the Bruen Text History Tradition test. This time, Cali’s magazine ban was struck down – again. Maybe it will stay dead when the case goes en banc.

Now, on to something completely different.

The Wirecutter is pulling their recommendation for Wyze cameras after the company’s blasĂ© attitude to a security breach that allowed customers to see others’ camera feeds.

Time for the light item.

Here’s an article discussing how the American dialect diverged from the mother tongue.