No, I Won’t Hide You In My Attic

I’ve been seeing people claiming their virtue by saying they would hide their Jewish friends in their attic if the antisemites come for them.

Fuck that. I won’t hide my Jewish friends in the attic. If they feel threatened by antisemites, here’s what I will do.

I will go to their house with every gun in my safe and every round of ammunition I own. I might even bring all my sharp, pointy things.

I will teach them how to load, aim, and fire each of those guns.

I will teach them the laws surrounding self-defense so that they can win the legal battle after the fight.

I will help harden their home.

I will stand there ready to defend their home if the bad guys come.

I will do what is necessary to defend their families with as much force as is necessary. using every nasty trick I’ve picked up over the years of hanging out with military vets, gun bloggers, and writers. Those are some creative folks when it comes to home defense.

If their home is not defensible, I will invite them to mine.

I will do whatever I can to make the antisemites too fucking scared to try and assault someone.

Let them spew their vitriol, but I want them terrified about what might come at them if they raise their hand in violence.


  1. Amen! Do not hide from the evil. Stand up against it! Meet it with all of your strength and courage. Do not cringe from the bullies, they are cowards at heart and like cockroaches will scatter when you stand up and shine the light on them.

  2. A Mauser rifle, twenty rounds, and the will to use them.


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