This is an old story that recently came across my transom. I’m not big into horror movies, so I was unaware of the movie “Smile” or its guerilla marketing campaign.

In preparation of Smile’s release, Paramount hired “smilers” to show up at random public places, like the Today Show and a Yankees v. Red Sox game, and deliver their most haunting smirk.

The creepy marketing stint quickly reached virality on the internet as clueless onlookers captured and posted the startling promo happening before their eyes.

I thought this was an interesting situation because if I came across one of these situations, I would just see someone acting creepy for no good reason. As a person who routinely carries a gun, it behooves me to accurately assess a “creepy” situation.

If someone is acting creepy, it’s probably better to leave if possible. If the creepy continues to engage? Well, then, it’s best to have a variety of physical and mental tools at hand.

But walking away is always a good option.