Kilt Fitting

The Wife’s nephew is getting married in a couple of months. After some discussion with the bride, it was agreed I could wear a kilt – as long as I did the whole formal kilt thing. So, after some emailing with the proprietor of Lothian Kilt Rentals, The Wife and I trekked up to Tarpon Springs for a fitting. Which was a good thing because the formal kilts are very different than my 5.11 kilts. Let’s just say it’s a good thing The Wife will be there to help me do up all the buckles. I do regret not getting a pic of me in the full gear, but I will make sure to post one from the wedding.

Nephew’s Birthday

We trekked over across the state for my nephew’s birthday shindig. One of the things he asked to do was a mini-tournament between Nephew, Rocket Engineer Brother, The Brother, and me. In L5R Empire Edition. With sealed deck boxes. I managed to put together a Unicorn deck, but damn am I out of practice. I went 1 and 1 with REB curbstomping me with his Lion deck, and me out-honoring my nephew against his Crab deck. My prize? A little trophy with a horse on it labeled “Not My First Rodeo.”

FPC Red Dot

When I bought my S&W FPC, I put a Sig Romeo red dot on it. I wasn’t really happy with how quick it drained the little battery, and it didn’t seem to hold very well. So, I swapped it out with a Vortex. I prefer the single bead red dots. Now I just need to get some BIUS, but those will have to wait until I get some more cash.