TLDR; We replaced a hedge. First, for those of you who don’t understand the reference, please go here and read the comic. Important panel below.

Anywhoo, when Ward Manor was freshly constructed, the landscaper decided we needed a hedge out the back. Which is what they did for houses that backed up to other houses, but why they decided we needed it to block the view of our pond, I have no idea. We finally pulled the trigger and replaced the hedge with some low growing plants. It looks much better, and we can also get a good view of the pond from our dining room. Plus, it helps with lawn watering since a couple of the sprinklers were having a hard time arching their streams over the hedge.

Speaking of the sprinklers, this is another example of when someone says an item is “builders grade” I’m going to translate that into “the cheapest shit we could cram in that would pass inspection.” Let’s just say we had to add another head to make sure the back lawn didn’t die. And we’re looking at more replacement in the futured. Because builder grade.