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Why Do We Need To Change the Name?

There’s a local brouhaha about changing the name of a local road. Thankfully, it’s not over if the road was named after a problematic person, but because it’s named after a problematic reptile

From the article:

  • A debate is brewing over the possibility of changing the name of Moccasin Wallow Road in Parrish.*

”Moccasin wallow, that’s where the moccasin’s wallow,” said Pat Neal, president of Neal Communities. “That’s where the cottonmouth is, a venomous snake, the only venomous snake in Florida.”

That’s one of the main reasons the developer is hoping the name changes. He would like to see it changed to a name like North River Road. His North River Ranch development is now being built in Parrish.

The story is pretty much set out as developer versus locals, and I’m usually leery of those kind of tropey narratives. Still, I haven’t heard any local outcry against the current name. Yeah, both my brother and I found the name amusing when we each came down here for the first time. However, that’s one of the charms of living in a small town-ish area.

I’m one of the 3.000 signatures on a local petition to keep the road name. I know Parrish is slowly turning from “old Florida small town” to “new Florida suburban center along the 75 corridor.” Yet, as it becomes more uniform with other areas, it would be nice to keep some of our uniqueness. Like a road name “Moccasin Wallow.”

Linky, Linky Linky

It’s been a while since I did a link post. And right now, I’m not in the mood to do a bunch of hard thinking.

First up, we have an article from Popular Mechanics musing if the Army’s super-secret 1,000 mile super gun could herald the return of the battlewagons. I’m skeptical, but I do like the concept of the battlewagons returning to dominance.

Next is a somewhat humorous post about a Portland gunfight in 1989 between Army Rangers and the Crips. Seems a young man in the Army decided to dabble in the real estate market, tried to turn a neighborhood around by documenting the criminal element, and when they came a-callin’, followed the important rules of gunfighting. Namely have a gun and bring all of your friends and their guns. In this case, the friends were members of the Second Ranger Battalion.

Finally, a local story about two men going to the burn ward after a bad thing happened while reloading. This kinda put paid to The Wife signing off on me having a reloading bench in the garage of the new house.

Videos For Posterity – Beirut Explosion and Phil Collins

Part of my purpose for blogging is not only to share my thoughts with the few folks who read them, but also as a time capsule of my thoughts for my future self to reflect upon. The last ten days have brought a myriad of videos that I want my future self to remember. As long as YouTube keeps them up.

First, is the Beirut Harbor explosion. What happens when 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate cooks off? Nothing good.

Related, a bride was doing a photoshoot at the time. This has also become iconic.

The aftermath is kinda scary. That circular inlet thingy. Yeah, that’s where the warehouse holding all the AN was. I’m impressed that the grain building behind the warehouse wasn’t obliterated.

Now, to offset the horror, let’s look at two teens experiencing Phil Collins’s epic hit “In The Air Tonight.”

Derek’s Mildly Useful Reviews – Hamilton

At my urging, The Wife and I sat down and watched Hamilton on Disney+. This was one of those musicals I was pretty sure I was going to like. I was a bit off. I really liked it. The music is catchy with smart, witty lyrics. The acting performances are top notch. My absolute favorite performances were those of King George and Washington. Although, the play’s take on Jefferson is wonderfully opposed to traditional portrayals.

Don’t expect long discussions on political philosophy. Don’t expect to have discussions on national fiscal policy. This is about a complex and brilliant man who helped shape our founding documents and philosophy.

Now, if you don’t want to sit through over two and a half hours of musical, I have a TL;DR version for you.

“Some Good News” Sold

So John Kra-something-or-other sold his web series “Some Good News” to CBS.

I’m torn. As a capitalist, I’m glad he’s going to make a bunch of money on a great little project. On the other hand, part of SGN’s charm was its simplicity and “thrown-together” feel, as well as John K’s charisma and enthusiasm for his project. I’m skeptical that will survive CBS’s ownership.

Movie Fun

Miguel posted on this on FB, and I decided to have some fun with it. Then I roped The Brother and The Wife into it.


Favorite movie: Black Hawk Down

Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Transformers (Animated)

Favorite Tom Cruise movie: Edge of Tomorrow

Movie that makes you cry: Forrest Gump

Favorite 80’s movie: Real Genius

Favorite comedy: Undercover Blues

Favorite sports movie: Necessary Roughness

Favorite courtroom movie: 12 Angry Men

Favorite horror Movie: In the Mouth of Madness

Most overrated movie: Pulp Fiction

Movie you can watch over and over again: McLintock!

Movie with the best soundtrack: Pirates of the Caribbean

Movie you’re most embarrassed that you like: Grease 2 (maybe?)

Favorite Christmas movie: Die Hard

Favorite sequel: John Wick 2

The Brother

Favorite movie: My Blue Heaven

Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Rock ‘N’ Rule (1983)

Favorite Tom Cruise movie: Edge of Tomorrow/Live. Die. Repeat

Movie that makes you cry: I know I’ve cried watching a movie, but I can’t think of one that makes me cry.

Favorite 80’s movie: Ghostbusters

Favorite comedy: Real Genius

Favorite sports movie: Shaolin Soccer

Favorite courtroom movie: 12 Angry Men

Favorite horror Movie: In the Mouth of Madness (I guess? I don’t really like horror films)

Most overrated movie: A Christmas Story

Movie you can watch over and over again: Oscar

Movie with the best soundtrack: The Dark Knight

Movie you’re most embarrassed that you like: Not embarassed about liking any movie.

Favorite Christmas movie: Die Hard

Favorite sequel: Gremlins 2

The Wife

Favorite movie: Grease

Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Wizard of Oz

Favorite Tom Cruise movie: Cocktail

Movie that makes you cry: Homeward Bound (anything with animals – that’s why I don’t watch them)

Favorite 80’s movie: Sixteen Candles

Favorite comedy: 10 Things I Hate About You

Favorite sports movie: Good Will Hunting

Favorite courtroom movie: A Few Good Men

Favorite horror Movie: The Blair Witch Project

Most overrated movie: A Christmas Story (I hate that movie)

Movie you can watch over and over again: Dirty Dancing

Movie with the best soundtrack: Titanic

Movie you’re most embarrassed that you like: Magic Mike

Favorite Christmas movie: The Grinch 🙂

Favorite sequel: The Twilight Movies (no judging)

Tiger King Elucidation

First, no I haven’t watched it. No intention of watching it. The Wife damn sure couldn’t watch it. However, the series touches on a local organization – Big Cat Rescue. I remember – and blogged about – when the murder for hire plot was revealed. Apparently, other allegations are made in the series that are not true. Such as the owner of BCR offing her husband. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is now asking for leads since the cold case is now hot again.

Big Cat Rescue put out a statement to address the allegations. What worries me was the producers saying that they wanted this to be like Blackfish. That tells me a lot about how they intend to tell their story.

Fair disclosure- BCR gets money from me through my work’s charitable giving. I support their work.