Dramatic video of the Francis Scott Key Bridge being struck by a cargo vessel and collapsing.

The local paper has its account.

A massive container ship adrift at 9 mph issued a “mayday” early Tuesday as it headed toward the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge, losing power before colliding with one of the bridge’s support columns. As the vessel struck the bridge, it caused a din that could be heard ashore and immediately toppled an essential mid-Atlantic thoroughfare into the frigid waters.

Several cars were knocked into the Patapsco River and as of Tuesday around 11 a.m., authorities were searching for six construction workers who had been repairing potholes on the bridge. Two others were rescued — one who was briefly hospitalized and another who declined to go to a hospital. Extensive rescue efforts were ongoing.

Baltimore awoke to the tragedy: States of emergency declared by both the mayor and governor, search-and-rescue efforts for those missing, a bridge disappeared.

Before the collision, the ship’s crew notified authorities that the vessel had lost power. That “mayday” allowed Maryland Transportation Authority Police on the highway above to prevent many cars from driving onto the bridge just before the catastrophe.

“These people are heroes,” Gov. Wes Moore said in a morning news conference. “They saved lives last night.”

Moore added that there was no evidence that the collision was a terrorist attack.

Of course, there’s already wild speculation that it was a terrorist attack. Because the internet is a fucking cesspool sometimes.

The administration has already stated that the feds will pick up the tab for clearing and rebuilding. Which, honestly, is what the federal government should do. Still, it’s going to be a long road. And the supply chain is going to be fucked up until the disaster area is cleared.

Still, this whole incident gave me eerie vibes to a local event back in 1980.