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Clearing Out the Tabs

I had a bunch of links collected that I haven’t had a chance to put into Monday Links. Since this week’s Monday post was the 2023 wrap-up, I decided to just clear out all my tabs.

Per tradition, we clear out all of the Reason links.

First is an examination of Colorado removing Trump from the primary ballot. For the record, I think this was a bad move – mostly because there’s been no conviction of incitement or related charge. And that’s not even touching my issues with how we do primaries.

Let’s continue with populist leaders, and a rebuttal of Tucker Carlson’s attack on Dollar Stores.

Florida’s leaders are becoming more and more hostiles to immigrants.

Tens of thousands of students haven’t returned to public school since the shutdowns. And no one knows where they all went.

Magazine bans hurt those who want to defend themselves. This is a talking point that needs to be rebutted, as it seems like a reasonable issue to most non-gun folks.

The St. Louis attorney who used an old-school AR to fend off protestors in his gated community can’t get his guns returned. The dude’s an asshole, but he did nothing wrong – at least legally speaking. This is one of those fears that if the police get our guns for any reason – evidence, malicious red-flagging, etc – we will never get them back.

A case for letting foreign-flagged airlines service domestic air routes.

This is a personal issue. Who created the Cuban sandwich? How can anyone take Miami’s claim seriously. They don’t even use yellow rice for their arroz con pollo.

Now for some Ground News compilations.

There was a record drop in homicides for 2023. The article cites success of gun control. Um, no. This is regression to the mean after the insanity of 2020 and the aftershocks.

It looks like Steamboat Willy will enter public domain.

NASA demonstrates how to use a laser for extremely long distance streaming. By sending a cat video nineteen million miles.

Now on to the rest of the links in no particular order.

Gunsamerica has a checklist on what to look for in trainers to avoid bullshido. I’m pretty sure this is a h/t to Tam.

Bloomberg reports that the FTC has banned Rite Aid from using AI-powered facial recognition on customers. Apparently, there were a lot of folks falsely flagged as potential shoplifters.

Techcrunch has an article on music creation coming to Microsoft’s Co-Pilot.

The Intercept has a profile on FBI and NYPD entrapping someone they called a terrorist. This kind of shit is how you get degradation of trust.

War is Boring takes a look at how the crash of a V-22 Osprey could endanger the Army’s new tiltrotor.

Finally, The Firearms Blog discusses the passing of Gaston Glock.

Monday Links

Reason links time!

Who came to Florida during COVID? Here’s an infographic.

Ohio town is charging $100 to challenge traffic tickets.

Ground News has a collection of articles on how scientists used CRISPR to develop a promising new therapy for sickle-cell anemia.

Now switching to some gun news.

The Reload has an article on the newest gun control bill introduced in Congress. Okay, it’s poorly written and would ban just about every gun sold right now, but it’s an interesting change of tactics by our opponents.

TFB is reporting that there might be a shortage of gunpowder in the next year. May be time to stock up.

Firearms News is reporting that the Broomhandle Mauser turned into Han Solo’s blaster sold for a cool mill, and made it into Guinness.

Hasbro has discontinued their Selfie Series. I’m glad I got mine, but I was hoping to get another.

No, I Won’t Hide You In My Attic

I’ve been seeing people claiming their virtue by saying they would hide their Jewish friends in their attic if the antisemites come for them.

Fuck that. I won’t hide my Jewish friends in the attic. If they feel threatened by antisemites, here’s what I will do.

I will go to their house with every gun in my safe and every round of ammunition I own. I might even bring all my sharp, pointy things.

I will teach them how to load, aim, and fire each of those guns.

I will teach them the laws surrounding self-defense so that they can win the legal battle after the fight.

I will help harden their home.

I will stand there ready to defend their home if the bad guys come.

I will do what is necessary to defend their families with as much force as is necessary. using every nasty trick I’ve picked up over the years of hanging out with military vets, gun bloggers, and writers. Those are some creative folks when it comes to home defense.

If their home is not defensible, I will invite them to mine.

I will do whatever I can to make the antisemites too fucking scared to try and assault someone.

Let them spew their vitriol, but I want them terrified about what might come at them if they raise their hand in violence.

Monday Links – Super Sized!

Just as a heads up, I have a bit of a backlog that I’m clearing out today. So, buckle up buttercup.

Of course we’re starting with a mess of Reason links.

Do right-wingers believe conspiracy theories more than left-wingers? Short answer, no. Long answer, it’s complicated.

Some are estimating the US has about 20 years to get it’s financial house in order before a debt default becomes inevitable.

The FTC’s case against Amazon is based on a faulty interpretation of one statistic. You mean Kahn’s disregarding logic in her crusade against Amazon?

Re-examination of the teen vaping panic.

Retrospective of the effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act at 50.

NLRB looks to change rules aimed at how franchises work – particularly fast food franchises.

Supreme Court issues a code of ethics for the justices. One item of note is that they address recusal and the duty for the justices to stay on cases to avoid strategic recusals.

The Fifth Circuit slaps down the ATF’s recent receiver rule.

On to other stuff.

The Reload has an article on the Supreme Court granting cert on the bump stock ban. I see this less of a gun case and more of a restricting administrative agencies from making people felons with a rule change.

From Ground News, we have Sam Altman departing OpenAI. Not clear if he left on his own accord or was forced out.

From 9to5Mac, Apple surprised everyone by announcing they were integrating RCS alongside iMessage.

From NYT comes an article on a company pulling carbon and trapping it in concrete. I always thought engineering would help the planet better than trying to just cut emissions.

War Is Boring reports the Ukranian Army is trying to transition to a more professional and gender-equitable force. Um, okay. I guess improving its professionalism in the middle of a war is a good thing.

Angry Staff Officer has an article discussing the positive leadership traits of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Honestly, this kind of article was why I started reading ASO.

From The Allspark, Peter Cullen to receive lifetime achievement award.

Our last link is from Ars Technica. The old television series “Connections” is being revived! And James Burke is returning as host!

Monday Links

I normally start out with Reason links, but I always believe that when faced with a horrific event, it’s important to look for the heroes. After Hamas’s murderous rampage in Israel, I have a couple of links to heroes.

A paramedic (who happened to be Arab) who gave his life tending to the injured at a music festival.

An Israeli couple who protected their twin infants. The couple died, but the infants were rescued.

I don’t have a link for this one, but heard on the ACP podcast about an Uber driver who dropped people off at that big music festival, saw the attack, raced back in, crammed nine people into his car, raced them to an IDF base, found the base under Hamas control, escaped to another IDF base, and then waited with his passengers for a couple of hours before soldiers showed up to help. Unfortunately, he was hit during all of this badassery and lost his life. If anyone has a link to this story, please let me know so I can add it here.

Now it’s time for a couple of Reason articles.

This may be considered by some to be in bad taste after the protests seen in the US, Australia, and others in support of the Palestinian cause, but it’s an important point. We can’t hold protest organizers liable for violence done by people not under their direct control/authority. Fight back the protests with counter protests. Resist violence with proportional force.

No, Matthew Sheppard wasn’t killed because he was gay. Were the murderers homophobes? Yeah. But the more I read this case, it more reads like if Aryan Nation did a meth deal with a black dealer, and then killed the dealer in a horrific way after the deal went bad. It was more about the deal than the hate.

On to other stories.

Ammoland has an article about four questions you should ask during your next gun control debate. A lot of good points about effective discussion and debate as well.

From The Record comes an article about the largest DDOS attack ever recorded.

Ground News (which is a service I use to get a bunch of news stories) has a collection of them on 17 Broward County deputies arrested for stealing $500K worth of COVID funds. Shocked face emoji that it came from Broward.

Our last story is from Variety about Michael Caine retiring at the age of 90. Thank you for decades of wonderful performances.

Monday Links

Okay, we’re going to do the usual and start with Reason links.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Diane Feinstein passed away last week. While I will extend my condolences to her friends and family, I won’t pretend to be horribly upset. And Reason encapsulates why.

Khan’s FTC is going after Amazon. I had a piece in here earlier this year that the FTC chairman/person/annoyance really doesn’t understand how online retail works – and it seems anything she doesn’t understand is bad.

And the FCC is going to reimpose net neutrality because reasons. Because it isn’t like they’ve had anything but hypotheticals to explain why it’s needed. Hey FCC, you want to fix things? Start fixing these stupid franchises localities make with internet companies to limit competition.

On to other things…

The New Yorker has an interesting think piece on someone learning about guns to write on guns.

The Brits had to temporarily mobilize part of their Army when a bunch of their weapons-qualified police officers refused to pick up weapons. Why? One of their own is facing charges after a shooting. The officers have since returned to their duties. I don’t know enough about the case to decide if the shooting was justified or not. But it was an interesting turn of events.

Light item alert!

Someone’s making amphibious campers that resemble Star Trek TOS shuttles.

Monday Links

Let’s start off with a story of local significance.

Last week, the local baseball franchise managed to wrangle themselves a new stadium out of St. Petersburg. Reason has an article explaining why that’s a bad idea.

Moving on to some presidential actions.

Reason has an article on the administration streamlining the rules to allow migrants from some countries to work. I imagine catching heat from New York and Chicago is lighting a fire on the issue.

Something to placate the environmentalists, Biden announced establishing a Climate Change Corps. I guess he’s trying to soothe that faction with the “romanticism” of the New Deal.

And to placate the gun prohibitionists, Biden announced a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention. It sounds like a good way to give government largesse to lobbyists and activists.

But Biden needs some wins on the gun issue – particularly as courts continue to strike down laws under the Bruen Text History Tradition test. This time, Cali’s magazine ban was struck down – again. Maybe it will stay dead when the case goes en banc.

Now, on to something completely different.

The Wirecutter is pulling their recommendation for Wyze cameras after the company’s blasé attitude to a security breach that allowed customers to see others’ camera feeds.

Time for the light item.

Here’s an article discussing how the American dialect diverged from the mother tongue.

Liberty Safes Debacle

So, first for some throat-clearing. I’ve purchased both of my big gun safes from Liberty. My current one doesn’t have one of those fancy electronic locks after multiple people I trust recommended going with an analog dial lock. Which made the salesperson give me Spock eyebrow. I also help my mom purchase one of their portable handgun safes. All in all, I’ve been satisfied with their quality. Which makes this so infuriating. But, probably not for the reason you think.

In case you missed it, Liberty Safe got themselves squarely in the crosshairs of the enraged. TLDR; FBI was executing search warrant of someone accused of being a January 6 rioter. FBI got Liberty Safe to hand over a super-secret default code for one of their safes at the accused’s home. Cross section of MAGA, FBI distrust, and compliant company that caters to the gun world results in calls for Liberty Safes to be boycotted. If there’s one thing the gun world likes to do, it’s hold a grudge against a company that’s wronged them. There are still people who refuse to buy Ruger or Smith & Wesson over things that happened almost thirty years ago. I still refuse to shop at Dicks for something that happened a decade ago.

Liberty Safe said it was in pursuant to a valid warrant. Okay, not great, but Liberty is not Apple. They don’t have the legal resources to tell the Feds to go pound sand while they fight a warrant in court. Here’s the rub IMHO. Locksmiths have been saying that Liberty has denied for years that such a code exists. Rather than handing it out or even charging for access to it, they’ve been forcing customers to drill out non-working electronic locks (or locks where they forgot their passcode). That’s not how you deliver on a reputation for customer service.

I don’t call for boycotts. I hate the whole demanding that companies take stances instead of delivering products. I will, however, state that this kind of customer service should be taken into account. Will I ever buy a Liberty safe again? I don’t know. It’s not like I expect to be in the market anytime soon. We shall see how events unfold.

Monday Links

This one might be a bit scattered. As usual, we’ll start with Reason.

The Biden Administration is proposing a large increase in federal worker pay. It’s the annual pay raise that federal workers get as a COLA. Wow, the same inflation fueled by profligate spending results in government workers need higher wages.

Here’s an article on how fast-food joints are being attacked.

Finally, we have Reason’s coverage of the New Mexico governor’s blatantly unconstitutional “public safety order” banning carrying of guns. Yeah, this was clearly a publicity stunt. And it looks like it’s backfiring. Spectacularly. Particularly when she gets her own officials saying they won’t enforce or defend. Particularly with a US judge quickly handing down a TRO. Particularly when she is forced to narrow it down to playgrounds in Albuquerque.

I’ve got a couple articles from The Hill.

First, some school districts are looking at four-day work week due to teacher shortages and needing to prevent burnout. That will have interesting downstream impacts on parents who will need to figure out childcare.

Second, an article on how most women still take their husband’s last name after marriage. However, there’s an uptick of younger women keeping their maiden name. The Wife and I had the discussion if she wanted to take my last name when we got married. She’d built a strong work reputation on her maiden name, and there were some downsides of the change. Still, like most of the women in the study, she chose to take my last name.

On to some gun stuff.

Kevin Creighton muses on if there really is a Gun Culture 3.0 or if it’s more a matter of Gun Culture 2.5.

The British military has selected an AR-pattern rifle for its Royal Marine Commandos and Ranger battalions. I wonder when they’ll finally ditch the L85 series.

And Beretta’s got a new AR-pattern rifle. I kinda like their ARX-160, but it was never in the running for my home defense carbine. Beretta can be kinda weird sometimes.

I heard about this on ACP. A Michigan ammo manufacturer pissed off a politician, who then used campaign finance laws to threaten the company.

A couple of miscellaneous items.

War Is Boring has an article on China sanctioning LockMart and Northrop Grumman over sales to Taiwan. I think the phrase is “don’t threaten me with a good time.”

Rwanda is allowing a company to test a small-scale nuke reactor. Excellent. Wide spread cheap and carbon-neutral energy will do wonders to help lift people out of poverty.

Finally the light items.

WaPo talks about the 20th anniversary of the pumpkin spice latte.

Crunchyroll has announced the second season of Spy X Family will be debuting on Oct 7. Which I am looking forward to because the first season was uproariously funny.

Monday Links

This is going to be a little light – volume, not tone – this week. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.

First, from CNN, the mayor of Uvalde is calling on the DA to resign because she’s blocking their investigation into the school shooting. One hopes that someone actually suffers real consequences for the pathetic police response.

WaPo reports that DC is to pay $5.1 million to citizens for violating their Second Amendment rights. It would be nice if they could force the lawmakers who passed these laws to cough up the cash instead of passing it on to the taxpayers.

The Hill has a “Republicans pounce” article on DOE proposing new efficiency rules for ceiling fans. Do you want Florida to secede? Make it harder for us to get/afford ceiling fans. Because that’s how you get Florida to secede.

The Volokh Conspiracy discusses if Floridians can shoot looters in the wake of a hurricane. While I do not want people to run afoul of the law, the misfortune of looters doesn’t exactly move me. You help scavengers, you stop looters.

For our light item this week, we have a listicle of the 20 top female-fronted metal bands.