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Police and Armed Citizens

10 Dec
December 10, 2018

Via Miguel comes an article about how police need to learn how to deal with the prevalence of armed citizens. Including armed citizens who may not look like the stereotypical concealed carrier.

This has been a tough year for police and armed citizens alike. In 2018, we’ve seen a number of tragic mistakes made by police officers who shot and killed lawfully armed citizens in error, including a homeowner in Aurora, Colorado, a security guard in Chicago, Illinois, and a Thanksgiving eve shopping mall patron in Hoover, Alabama, among others.

RTWT, because there’s a lot of good information to be gleaned from the armed citizen side. Particularly on current police mindset and what we can do to help minimize fatal mistakes. Plus how we can help identify each other in a bad situation.

Gun Cams For Cops

06 Dec
December 6, 2018

From the Gun Writer comes a story about an Arizona department adding cameras to their guns. They will start recording when drawn and stop recording when holstered.

Personally, I like the idea. I think body and gun cameras when used appropriately can help protect LEOs from false accusations, bring bad LEOs to account, provide neutral evidence, and be used for training.

The trick is to make sure that the cameras are used, and used appropriately, and the chain of custody is followed.

Coward Wants Protection

03 Dec
December 3, 2018

Remember Scot Peterson, the former Broward deputy who cowered in place when that bastard shot up Parkland? Now he wants protection during his deposition.

Peterson, one of several defendants named in a civil lawsuit filed by the parents of shooting victim Meadow Pollack, said he fears for his safety if he shows up at a Dec. 17 deposition and the girl’s father, Andrew, is there.

I think he’s trying to do everything he can to delay explaining his actions that day under oath. Or explaining how he managed to swing that huge fucking pension instead of just being fired.

If You Can’t Ram It Through the Legislature

27 Nov
November 27, 2018

Get it on the ballot.

Some group out of Miami is working to get an assault weapon ban on the 2020 ballot. The amendment’s language defines an assault weapon as any semi-auto rifle or shotgun capable of holding more than ten rounds “at once”. It includes fixed and detachable magazines.

My gut instinct is that an unfriendly judge could interpret that as banning damn near any rifle that can accept a magazine with more than ten rounds, even if you only have “acceptable” magazines.

There is, of course, a registry for non-compliant long guns already purchased. I would imagine they’ll be lucky if they get New York compliance rates.

This is dangerous. We are going to have to fight it from getting on the ballot. Time to see what I can shake loose from the budget for my state organizations.

Tab Clearing – Gun Edition

21 Nov
November 21, 2018

I’m clearing out some gun-related tabs from my browser.

Reason has an article about the difference in perception that obstensibly pro-gun people display when the gun owners are people they don’t like.

Another Reason article on Cuomo’s use of regulatory power to demand financial firms stop doing business with the NRA. Needless to say, they are against it.

From comes a study on active shooter incidents and armed civilians. In the small number of incidents where an armed citizen is present, the Armed Citizens are successful 94% of the time. Also of note, most active shooter incidents don’t occur in gun-free zones.

Forbes has an article that top FDIC officials knew about and ran Operation Choke Point. Nice to have confirmation.

If You Were Thnking About Getting Your CWP…

19 Nov
November 19, 2018

If you were even slightly contemplating getting a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, I recommend you do so now. Do not wait, go to the Department of Agriculture’s site and follow the process.

Why the rush?

Because our newly elected Commissioner has publicly stated that she supports gun control. I wouldn’t put it past her to muck around and do her level best to make it as difficult as she legally (and illegally) possible to obtain/renew a CWP.

One hopes she gets tied up trying to fix the medical marijuana system. Maybe she’ll actually do some good for the state.

Mid-Term Reaction

08 Nov
November 8, 2018

On the national front, the Democrats get the House and the Republicans keep the Senate. I mostly agree with Rob’s assessment that the House Republican’s failure to do what it promised kept the base unmotivated to help save it from an aggressive Democrat push.

On the Florida side, Miguel’s correct that we dodged a bullet by DeSantis’s hairbreadth win. More importantly Friend’s defeat for Agriculture. It looks like Scott and Nelson are headed for a recount, which wouldn’t have happened if Scott hadn’t caved after Parkland. Don’t fucking do favors for people who won’t vote for you anyways. I swear that politicos should have that tattooed on their palms.

As for the amendments? It was kind of a mixed bag from my perspective. Probably the most controversial was granting the right to vote to felons, which I voted for because if you’ve served your time and released, then you should have all the rights and responsibilities of a citizen restored. Speaking of the citizenry, they decided we needed to ban offshore drilling, vaping in offices, and greyhound racing. Because when special interests can buy the right legislators, they buy themselves an amendment. And all of these crossed the two-thirds needed for an amendment to pass – which was supposed to stop this bullshit in the first place.

And starts the long slog to 2020.

Rabid Dogs

29 Oct
October 29, 2018

I have some very progressive friends on Facebook. Most of them are people I know in meatspace. One of them had a tweet bitching that Trump saying the synagogue attacked this weekend should have an armed guard was “blaming the victim.” I’ve seen similar attacks when women are told to take basic precautions. No, we should be disarming the people or making the bad men not be bad men. I’m calling bullshit on this.

People who do heinous acts are the human equivalent of rabid dogs. Why? You can’t reason with them. They’re worldview precludes reason by the time they’re acting. You will never take away enough dangerous items to prevent them from harming others. Just like you can’t take away a rabid dog’s teeth and claws, you can’t take away a human’s mind – and that’s the dangerous part. Take away guns, they’ll use knives, gasoline, acid, cars, or the myriad of other dangerous things we have in a modern world. The brutal truth is that the only way to deal with a rabid dog is to stop it with force.

It is not “blaming the victim” to tell people who live in dangerous areas or who belong to groups known to be the target of dangerous people to take precautions and to have the means to deal forcefully if/when the bad guys attack. It is dealing with realities of living in a modern society.

If you are a member of an often targeted group (i.e., minorities), and you want to learn how to protect yourself, I recommend getting in touch with Operation Blazing Sword. If you go to a place of worship, talk to your leadership about a security plan. It should not only be call 911. Ben Branam of the Modern Self Protection podcast offers a free church security outline.

Beware of the rabid dogs, and be prepared if they darken your door – wherever you are.

Judge Offers Victims CCW Class

24 Oct
October 24, 2018

From Rob’s Slow Facts blog comes a story about a judge offering free CCW classes for victims of a serial stalker.

After passing down the sentence [on the stalker], Ashland Municipal Court Judge John L. Good ordered the people who were victimized by Fulk to be provided with free Concealed Carry Weapon Classes.

The individuals who were victimized by Scott Fulk [convicted stalker] participated in CCW Classes on Sunday, September 30th, under the shared sentiment of “We will not be victims”.

Good sentiment.

It Looks Like 5.56 Days Are Numbered 6.8

11 Oct
October 11, 2018

The Army is moving $25 billion from high-end expensive development projects to other programs, including the development of a new series of small arms based on the 6.8mm cartridge.

Army Secretary Mark Esper announced the $25 billion figure here in his opening speech to the conference, the largest of the year. The final number awaits approval from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the White House’s Office Of Management & Budget, and ultimately Congress, Esper cautioned reporters afterwards, but, looking across the 2020-2024 budget plan (aka the FYDP), he said, “that dollar figure is a low end.”

The M16 series has been the standard rifle for the military for nearly sixty years. There have been numerous attempts to replace it with a better weapon. None have succeeded, but they have provided ways to improve the M16 platform. I’m hoping that even if this one doesn’t work out, we get a better M16 platform out of it.