Another in my series of seeing how things change year over year. I tend to carry a lot of stuff. Here are my previous posts:

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I had to do some revamping of my carry stuff since last year.

Just Around The House

This is the EDC I will carry most days that I don’t go outside the house.


I’m using an iPhone 12. I have the 128 GB model. I used to need to have all teh space, but since I work from home, I can manage more under Wi-Fi and need less space. My case is one of those that allow me to use MagSafe chagers and has a small wallet that attaches to the back of the phone.


I’ve switched back to my Apple AirPods Pro. I particularly like Apple’s “transparent” mode which allows more of the outside sound through. I’ve experimented with a few other earbuds, but I keep coming back to my Airpods.


I carry a Leatherman Skeletool for just around the house. Much to The Wife’s chagrin, I’ve found I need a knife or one of the myriad of little tools far too often.


For walking around the house, I upgraded my Streamlight ProTac. It’s good for quickly looking in shadowed and/or darkened areas. Like under the bed. It’s also surprisingly good at finding where one of the cat’s decided to mark its territory.

Pepper Spray

I’ve started carrying some POM pepper spray around the house on a retractable lanyard. I can’t carry around the house, and this is good for when I have to step out of the house to walk to the mailbox.


I’m using a 44mm Series 5 Apple Watch. I like the always on feature.

Going to the Gym

In addition to my normal walking around the house gear, I wear a 5.11 LV6 Waist Bag. Due to it’s teal color, it is referred to as the “Richards Simmons bag”. Inside I carry my first gen S&W M&P9c loaded with Speer Gold Dots.

The “gym bag” is a Maxpedition Versipak with a first aid kit and a canister of cleaning wipes. There’s also usually a bottle of water and a small towel for The Wife to use during our workout sessions.

Going Out Of The House – On Person

Additional stuff when I’m going out.


I use a <a href=“”>Saddleback Large Leather wallet.</a>. I keep a Tool Logic Credit Card inside it. It’s not that I use it that much. Mostly, it’s because I’ve had the damn thing for probably twenty-five years, and my wallet feels empty without it.


My brother picked me up a Lifelong Ring 300 key ring system. I mainly use the main big ring and have all of my keys on the wire key rings. In addition to my keys, I have:

  • Kingston 32GB Flash Drive – Because you never know when someone has a file they want to give you

  • Gerber Artifact – I’m not sure if Gerber is still selling these, but their Shard would be a good substitute

  • Surefire Sidekick – Of course, I have to have another flashlight. It doesn’t get used as much as it did when I was commuting in the dark early morning, but it’s still come in handy a couple of times.


If I’m out of the house, the Leatherman gets switched out for a Kershaw-Emerson CQC-10.


For going out of the house, I carry a Streamlight ProTac 750 lumen flashlight. It’s too big to really be a pocket flashlight, so I carry it in one of my IWB spare magazine holders.

Pepper Spray

I carry a small POM pepper spray for when I need something between strong words and deadly force.


I carry around a CRKT tactical pen.


Unless I’m going to someplace I’m not legally allowed to carry, I generally have my Smith and Wesson M&P9 M2.0 equipped with a Streamlight TLR-1 and Trijicon night sights. I keep it and the spare magazine loaded with 124-grain Speer Gold Dots (since that’s what the local cops use). These days, I’m using my Raven Concealment OWB holster and a Blade-Tech OWB dual mag holder.

Going Out – The Bag

I carry a 5.11 LV10 Sling Pack for all the other essential bits and bobs I want available.

Electronics Support

  • Spare cables – usually a USB-C to lightning, a USB-C to USB-C, and USB-A to Mini-USB, and USB-A to AppleWatch charger. I may have a couple of others

  • A spare pair of Apple EarPods – In case my Airpods are not available.

  • Anker MagCharger Battery – I like this because I can charge my phone just by slapping this on the back. Or I can run a cable if I need to give someone else’s phone a boost.

  • Anker’s slim USB-C wall-plug – This will recharge my phone or battery pretty fast. Plus, it’s slim and tiny.

  • Anker four-port plug – For when I need to do multiple devices. Plus it’s a backup for my slim plug.

First Aid Stuff


  • Bic disposal lighter – Must Have Fire

  • Leatherman Skeletool – This is not the one I carry around the house. This is another that I happened to have. It lives in my bag since this one came with all the little bits Leathermen made to fit into the modular screwdriver.

  • Mini Tape Measure – I think mine is actually from Tractor Supply, but running around with The Wife necessitates having a tape measure when she finds stuff for the house.

  • Reusable twist ties

  • Smith and Wesson M&P tactical pen – Because writing. And tactical. And there may be more than one.

  • Streamlight Polytac X Flashlight – Yes, I have another flashlight. Don’t judge. I like this one because it has a rechargeable battery, but will also run on a couple of CR123’s.

Odds and Ends

  • Amazon Microfiber Cloth – These are really handy for cleaning my eyeglasses and my electronics’ screens.

  • Hand Sanitizer – I prefer the small little bottles from Bath and Bodyworks.

  • Post-It Notes – Because you never know when you’ll need to write something down or leave a note for someone. I like the vibrant colors in case I need my note to draw attention.

  • Travel Pack Tissues – Because allergies. And occasional cleaning.

  • Emergency cash – No, I’m not going to say how much