This last Friday (Oct. 26) the freezer stopped freezing at my mom’s place, which is being currently rented out by my other brother and sister-in-law. They called Courtesy Appliance & Refrigeration Experts of Tampa, FL. The tech came out and replaced the compressor on the freezer. Normal suburban stuff. Here’s the fun part.

Saturday (the next day) the freezer was still not working. So, my sister-in-law calls Courtesy Appliance & Refrigeration Experts back. They say they will have a tech out between 12 and 2. Between 2:15 and 2:30 (not sure of the exact time), my sister-in-law calls back and gets the owner of this firm. She asks when the tech is going to come out because they have melting food. His response: his tech will be out there and “quit your fucking bitching,” followed by a hang-up.

This is the point that my brother (not her husband) calls back and confronts the owner. The owner says he didn’t use “fucking,” but everything else was correct. Brother proceeds to inform owner that such language is totally inappropriate. Escalation occurs. Owner’s final response is that he is going to come to the house, yank out his part, give back the money, and to top it all off, bring a deputy to ensure that he is not locked out of the house.

End of story, he never showed back up and we stopped payment on the check. After consulting another firm, it was decided to just purchase another freezer.

So, if this experience is indicative of how that company runs, please do not call Courtesy Appliance & Refrigeration Experts of Tampa FL for your service needs.