The mayor of West Palm Beach doesn’t want her little town sullied with a new gun range.

“This petitioner, this applicant has done everything he can do to make this a more palatable development,” she (Mayor Jeri Mouio) said. “But the fact that it’s a gun range is concerning to me.”

And of course, it’s the residents who are upset with the very idea of guns traveling to and from this new range. Considering this is part of the Florida Gold Coast, I imagine that a bunch of transplanted NIMBYs are bitching about things they have no idea about, but I could be wrong.

Still, considering all the legal wrangling necessary to build a gun range, I can’t imagine someone going through all that if there wasn’t a market.

Once this thing gets up and running, I’ll probably trek across the state, because y’know NIMBY tears are even better than hippie tears for weapon lubricant.