Oh my friends… my dear, dear friends. I have left two of the best for last.

What The Hell Is Going On Here

First, let me apologize for not sharing Opeth with you sooner. Second, let me apologize for sharing Opeth with you in this manner. The Grand Conjuration is a track of off 2005’s Ghost Reveries.

This video has two glaring errors:

  1. The video is 5:07, while the actual album track is 10:21. Over twice as long. Very rarely is the abridged version even close to as good as the original.
  2. The video is complete crap. What the hell is this? It is art piece crap that does nothing for the (again, abridged) song and doesn’t come close to standing on it’s own.

There is one redeeming feature though: the song, even cut down, rules.

Everyone is Ridiculous, Everyone is Awesome

Back in 2010 or so I heard of a technical death metal band called Allegaeon. Even their first EP was strong-like-bull and each album they’ve done has gotten stronger.

One of my favorite things about the band is their use of scientific concepts in their songs. I especially adore Accelerated Evolution, but that song doesn’t have an awesome video.

But 1.618 does. I really don’t want to say more – you really should watch the video.

Yeah, that has nothing to do with the Golden Ratio, but its still great.

Anyways, I am off for another year my friends. But remember:

Be Excellent To Each Other