The US Supreme Court ruled Florida’s death penalty unconstitutional.

From Bay News 9:

The justices on Tuesday ruled 8-1 that the state’s sentencing procedure is flawed because juries play only an advisory role in recommending death while the judge can reach a different decision.

I oppose the death penalty. I’m not morally opposed to the concept, but I don’t trust those entrusted with the power. 

Primarily, I don’t trust the prosecutors. There’s been too much evidence that prosecutors have concealed exculpatory evidence during trials and commenced with all sorts of shenanigans during and after trials to ensure that they get they conviction for their record. No, it’s not all prosecutors, but it’s enough. Even more than bad cops, bad prosecutors are tolerated and promoted by their peers and superiors. That’s bad enough when they can take away years of a person’s life, but so much worse when they’re trying to take all of the person’s life.

So, I’m glad that the USSC struck down the death penalty, but I wish it had been to address prosecutorial misconduct.