Sunday was consumed with moving my brother out to the other side of the state to start a new job. Due to extenuating circumstances, the plan is for him to stay in a borrowed RV during the week and come back to Tampa on the weekend.

Lessons to take away:

  1. Having a soda erupt in the lap is bad enough. Having to drive around with slightly sticky jeans for eight or nine hours just makes everything worse.

  2. Running GPS while connected to a Bluetooth speaker and a watch takes more power than my iPhone 6 draws from the car outlet.

  3. Revolutions is a great podcast to just leave on for a long drive. And I don’t understand those who talk about the “romanticism” of the French Revolution. That was just a bloody, ball of crazy on all sides.

  4. I really miss my truck when I have to drive someone else’s vehicle for a semi-long trip.

  5. Anytime I think of just buying an RV and living out of an RV to simplify my life, I remember I hate driving vehicles bigger than my Xterra.

  6. It’s a very good thing that Honda Civics get very good gas mileage. Particularly when your brother accidentally leaves his idling the entire time you go out for Chinese buffet. Side note – we found his keys!

  7. Even after all the memes, it’s still kind of amazing how inventively a soldier can crash a humvee with trailer. Even more amusing when it’s the MPs who crashed their humvee.

  8. I’m very glad to be back in my home – even if the cats are already driving me insane.