And in the seemingly endless list of things to add to my “want” list comes the Logitech MX Ergo.

I’m a big fan of thumb trackballs. I started with them when I was at college because I fucking hated the trackpad on my laptop, and there was rarely enough space for a regular mouse to move around. My brother suggested trying a trackball, and I never looked back.

Both of my home computers use them. Heck, I have a ten-year-old one at work that I’m hoping will not die on me because getting a new one through our IT would be a pain. Plus there’s the slight humor factor of when my coworkers have to use my computer for some reason.

When my brother and I were setting up my computers after Irma, I’d thought we lost one of the Bluetooth nubs to one of the trackballs. I was busily figuring out how to fit an MX Ergo into my recovery budget before we found the nub still in place on my tower.

Right now, I can’t justify the $100. Maybe when one of my current trackballs die, or if I get a significant bonus from work. Until then, I will just salivate.